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Minh họaNăm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2001Object Pascal Language Guide-
29/5/2001Object-oriented programming via Fortran 90/95Akin, Ed.
2018Objekt South Africa — January 2018-
2005Observations and Analysis of Pile Groups in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground in Centrifuge TestsBrandenberg, Scott J.; Boulanger, Ross W.; Kutter, Bruce L.; Chang, Dongdong
6/2006Observed and Predicted Dynamic Lateral Response of Single Pile in ClayAyothiraman, R.; Boominathan, A.
4/2018Office Concept – April-July 2018-
2018Office Concept – December 2017-March 2018-
2017Offshore Platform Integration and Floatover TechnologyLiu, Gengshen; Li, Huajun
6/2007On the estimation of hysteretic energy demands for SDOF systemsDanny, Arroyo; Mario, Ordaz
10/2004On the inelastic torsional response of single-storey structures under bi-axial excitationIztok, Peruš; Peter, Fajfar
11/2004On tuned mass dampers for reducing the seismic response of structuresJulio C., Miranda
2005Once Upon a Time: Illustrations from Fairytales, Fables, Primers, Pop-Ups, and Other Children's BooksWeinstein, Amy
2/2018OnOffice — Feb 2018-
2007OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL Version 2.1Shreiner, Dave; Woo, Mason; Neider, Jackie; Davis, Tom
2017Optical Character Recognition Systems for Different Languages with Soft ComputingChaudhuri, V.; Mandaviya, K.; Badelia, P.; K Ghosh, S
10/2004Optimal design of supplemental viscous dampers for irregular shear-frames in the presence of yieldingOren, Lavan; Robert, Levy
2017Orbital Data Applications for Space ObjectsChen, L.; Bai, X.-Z; Liang, Y.-G.; Li, K.-B.
2014Organisation spatiale du paysage littoral de Cua Tung - pour le développement durable et tourismeNguyễn, Tuấn Anh; Sylvie, Assassin; Nguyễn, Thanh Hồng
2014Orientation de l’architecture du paysage au village Khuc Thuy-Cu Khe-Thanh Oai- Hanoi dans le processus de l’urbanisation actuelBilla, Jean Marie; Tôn, Thất Đại; Đặng, Thị Hà Phương
2001Orthotropic influence on frequency characteristics of a rotating composite laminated conical shell by the generalized differential quadrature methodLi, Hua; Lam, K.Y.