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Nhan đề: 3D finite element modeling of reinforced concrete structures
Tác giả: Hartl, Helmut
Handel, Christoph
Từ khoá: 3D
bond slip
embedded reinforcement
finite element analysis
Năm xuất bản: 2002
Tóm tắt: A finite element tool based on continuum mechanics is developed for concrete with embedded 1D elements in order to represent the reinforcement and tendons. The mesh design can be achieved without considering the reinforcement layout. Rebar stiffness is integrated along its path within the parent element and no additional degrees of freedom need to be introduced for the reinforcement. Two methods accounting for slip at the interface between rebar and concrete are presented. The first method introduces a slip degree of freedom and can be addressed as a left hand approach. The second method introduces interface elements supplementary on the constitutive level, after the displacement field is computed. The effect of any kind of prestressing (initial prestressed, posttensioned, bonded, unbonded) can be modeled easily within both methods. Concrete is modeled in terms of plasticity, with employing the Ottosen failure criterion for crushing failure. Several crack models are available for tensile failure. Creep is accounted for by integrating the entire stress history. Finally the capability of the program is shown on individual examples.
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