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Nhan đề: The 2008 Kersten Lecture Integration of geotechnical and structural design in tunneling
Tác giả: Hoek, Evert
Carranza-Torres, C.
Diederichs, Mark
Từ khoá: Geotechnical Engineering
structural design
Năm xuất bản: 2008
Mô tả: In the majority of modern rock tunnels the deformation and hence the stability of the tunnel is controlled by a combination of reinforcement and support systems. The reinforcement consists of rockbolts or cables which modify the properties of the rock mass in much the same way as reinforcement does in concrete. The support systems generally involve steel sets or lattice girders fully embedded in shotcrete and these provide resistance to control the convergence of the tunnel. This paper describes the methods that can be used to optimize the design of tunnels using a combination of reinforcement and support methods. Particular attention is given to tunnels in very weak rock or soil in which large deformations can occur. Two case histories are presented to illustrate the integration of geotechnical and structural design methods. The first is a 12 m span two lane highway tunnel, excavated by top heading and benching in a very weak rock mass and the second involves a 25 km long, 5.5 m diameter water supply tunnel through the Andes in Venezuela.
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