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Nhan đề: Effects of Pile Setup on Pile Design and Construction: A Case History
Tác giả: Erbland, Philip J.
McGillivray, Ross T.
Từ khoá: Infrastructure construction
Case studies
Construction management
Traffic flow
Soil properties
Pile tests
Sandy soils
Existing buildings
Bridge design
Năm xuất bản: 2004
Tóm tắt: The twin I-75 bridges in Florida over the Peace River were each planned to be widened from 2 lanes to 3 lanes. Because of the need to maintain traffic flow, the final design involved erection of a new bridge between the existing twin spans and removal of the existing northbound bridge. The soil conditions generally consisted of sandy soils over the boring depths with some interspersed clay seams. During pile driving, a significant number of both test piles and production piles failed to reach the required capacity during initial drive at the tip depth predicted from analyses. Rather than using more or longer piles, the effect of time based pile set-up on capacity was investigated. An extensive dynamic testing program was used to determine the capacity at end-of drive, as well as after re-strike. The elapsed time allowed for re-strike varied from hours to days and provided a general guide for the amount of time required for sufficient capacity increase. Capacity increase varied from 178 kN (20 tons) to 1.8 MN (200 tons) depending upon the amount of time allowed for pile set and the soil type at the pile location.
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