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Nhan đề: Lateral Spreading Forces on Bridge Piles
Tác giả: Zha, Jin-xing
Từ khoá: Displacement (mechanics)
Bridge abutments
Soil analysis
Lateral forces
Load factors
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Tóm tắt: This paper presents a simplified procedure for computing liquefaction-induced lateral spreading forces on piles or abutment walls supported on piles. This approach is in essence to develop two curves of load versus displacement behavior to consider the soil-pile-structure interaction in a "decoupling" way. A curve of lateral spreading force versus displacement is first established by slope stability analysis for the soil mass behind the wall based on the Newmark chart that relates the standardized maximum displacement of the soil mass to the limiting acceleration coefficient. A second curve of lateral load versus di splacement for the abutment wall supported on piles is then obtained by push analysis of the wall structure under the lateral spreading force. The intersection between the two load-displacement curves is considered as the lateral spreading force on the abutment wall. Results of analyses performed for one bridge are presented in this paper to illustrate the proposed method. It appears that the simplified method of accounting for the pile-wall-soil interaction can satisfactorily predict the lateral spreading forces on abutment walls supported by piles without the uncertainty in determining the seismic coefficient related to the use of the Mononobe-Okabe method.
Mô tả: Conference Information Workshop on Seismic Performance and Simulation of Pile Foundations in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground March 16-18, 2005 | University of California, Davis, California, United States © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers
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