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Nhan đề: Push-Over Analyses of Piles in Laterally Spreading Soil
Tác giả: Ashford, Scott A.
Juirnarongrit, Teerawut
Từ khoá: Displacement (mechanics)
Pile groups
Soil analysis
Blasting effects
Numerical models
Scale models
Năm xuất bản: 3/2005
Tóm tắt: This paper presents the assessment of push-over analyses of single pile and pile groups in laterally spreading ground using p-y approach. The results from full-scale blast induced lateral spreading experiments in Japan were used to evaluate the numerical model. For the single pile, the pile responses were determined by imposing the measured free field displacements to the Winkler spring model. For pile groups, the piles in the group were modeled as an equivalent single pile, together with reduced stiffness p-y springs to account for the effect of pile group. A rotational spring was also introduced into the model to represent the rotational pile group stiffness. The results from the analyses for both single pile and pile groups were in good agreement with the measured responses from the experiments, thus suggesting that this method may be used in common design practice for piles in laterally spreading ground problems.
Mô tả: Workshop on Seismic Performance and Simulation of Pile Foundations in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground March 16-18, 2005 | University of California, Davis, California, United States © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers
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