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Nhan đề: A Simple Approach to Predict the Load Settlement Behavior of Precast Driven Piles with due Consideration of the Driving Process
Tác giả: Witzel, Melanie
Kempfert, Hans-Georg
Từ khoá: Pile settlement
Driver behavior
Concrete piles
Static loads
Driven piles
Steel piles
Load and resistance factor design
Pile tests
Load tests
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Tóm tắt: To predict the ultimate limit state of precast driven piles, there are different empirical and analytical approaches available. A simple prediction of the resistance-settlement behavior is so far not possible. During field load tests of precast driven piles, commonly measured quantity is the total load on the pile head. Hence, model tests were performed to separate the skin friction and base resistance on the pile. Based on the statistical analysis of more than 200 static load tests on precast driven steel and concrete piles, a simple approach to predict the resistance-settlement behavior of precast driven piles was derived.
Mô tả: Geo-Frontiers Congress 2005 January 24-26, 2005 | Austin, Texas, United States © 2005 American Society of Civil Engineers
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