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Nhan đề: Analysis of Group Pile Behavior under Lateral Spreading
Tác giả: Tobita, Tetsuo
Iai, Susumu
Sugaya, Mikio
Kaneko, Hidehisa
Từ khoá: Saturated soils
Numerical analysis
Soil deformation
Lateral loads
Dynamic structural analysis
Effective stress
Năm xuất bản: 3/2005
Tóm tắt: Results of a series of centrifuge experiments to study the dynamic response of pile foundations under lateral spreading were compared to the results of numerical analysis. Experiments were carried out under the centrifugal acceleration of 40 G. Piles in the model foundation were lined up 3 by 3 pattern with a spacing of three pile diameter, and both pile head and bottom were rotation fixed. Piles were placed in the inclined ground of saturated sands and applied lateral loads due to the ground deformation. The effective stress finite element analysis was conducted to simulate these experiments. Computed time histories of pile head acceleration and displacement were consistent with those obtained from experiments. However, much smaller surface ground deformation in simulation might cause small amplitude of bending moments. Some calibration in the numerical modeling may be required to have more consistent results on bending moments.
Mô tả: Workshop on Seismic Performance and Simulation of Pile Foundations in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground March 16-18, 2005 | University of California, Davis, California, United States © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers
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