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Nhan đề: Lateral or Torsional Failure Modes in Vertically Loaded Defective Pile Groups
Tác giả: Kong, Linggang
Zhang, Liming
Từ khoá: Failure analysis
Pile groups
Vertical loads
Axial loads
Lateral loads
Failure loads
Bored piles
Failure modes
Năm xuất bản: 2004
Tóm tắt: This paper focuses on investigating potential bending or torsional failure modes in axially loaded pile groups caused by defective piles and on investigating the effect of short piles on the response of vertically loaded bored pile groups socketed into rocks. A hypothetical group of six bored piles, 2.0 m in diameter and 25.5 m in length, was analyzed and six cases with different numbers and configurations of short piles in the pile group were considered using a three-dimensional pile foundation analysis program FB-Pier. It is found that the number and configuration of short piles have a significant effect on behavior of the pile group. The presence of short piles forces "intact" piles to carry larger loads. An important aspect of the group response is that the presence of short piles can result in induced lateral deflections of the pile group and additional bending moments in piles even under "concentric" axial loads at the pile cap. The lateral deflections and bending moments can cause lateral failures of the pile group in terms of both ultimate limits and serviceability limits. For the axially loaded cases analyzed, the torques developed in the piles are much smaller than the bending moments; a torsional failure mechanism is therefore not likely to occur.
Mô tả: GeoSupport Conference 2004 December 29-31, 2004 | Orlando, Florida, United States © 2004 American Society of Civil Engineers
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