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Nhan đề: Laterally Loaded Isolated Piles, Drilled Shafts and Pile Groups Using the Strain Wedge Model
Tác giả: Ashour, Mohamed
Norris, Gary
Pilling, Patrick
Từ khoá: Layered soils
Soil-pile interaction
Model analysis
Pile groups
Lateral loads
Soil properties
Load factors
Năm xuất bản: 2004
Tóm tắt: This paper demonstrates the application of the strain wedge (SW) model to assess the response of laterally loaded isolated long piles, drilled shafts and pile groups in layered soil (sand and/or clay) and rock deposits. The basic goal of this paper is to illustrate the capabilities of the SW model versus other procedures and approaches. The SW model has been validated and verified through several comparison studies with model- and fall-scale lateral load tests. Several factors and features related to the problem of a laterally loaded isolated pile and pile group are covered by the SW model. For example, the nonlinear behavior of both soil and pile material, soil-pile interaction (i.e. the assessment of the p-y curves rather than the adoption of empirical ones), the potential of soil to liquefy, the interaction among neighboring piles in a pile group and the pile cap contribution are considered in SW model analysis. The SW model analyzes the response of laterally loaded piles based on pile properties (pile stiffness, cross-sectional shape, pile-head conditions, etc.) as well as soil properties. The SW model has the capability of assessing the response of a laterally 1 loaded pile group in layered soil based on more realistic assumptions of pile interaction as compared to techniques and procedures currently employed or proposed.
Mô tả: GeoSupport Conference 2004 December 29-31, 2004 | Orlando, Florida, United States © 2004 American Society of Civil Engineers
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