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Nhan đề: Observed and Predicted Dynamic Lateral Response of Single Pile in Clay
Tác giả: Ayothiraman, R.
Boominathan, A.
Từ khoá: Dynamic response
Soil-pile interaction
Lateral loads
Soil dynamics
Soil analysis
Two-dimensional models
Năm xuất bản: 6/2006
Tóm tắt: Dynamic experiments were conducted on model single piles of 25 mm diameter having different length-to-diameter ratios and embedded in a simulated elastic half space filled with clay soil. Pile response was observed and measured using a Data Acquisition System. Pile response to dynamic lateral loads was also predicted by a simple 2D soil-pile interaction finite element model using the software, PLAXIS. The observed and predicted pile response to dynamic lateral load was compared and it was found that the simple 2D-model reasonably predicts the natural frequency of the soil-pile system; it highly overestimates the peak displacement amplitude. The model predicts the depth of occurrence of maximum bending moment with reasonably good accuracy for all piles in medium stiff clay.
Mô tả: GeoShanghai International Conference 2006 June 6-8, 2006 | Shanghai, China © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers
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Bộ sưu tập: Báo cáo tiếng nước ngoài

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