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Trường DCGiá trị Ngôn ngữ
dc.contributor.authorSvinkin, Mark R.-
dc.descriptionGeoTrans 2004 July 27-31, 2004 | Los Angeles, California, United States © 2004 American Society of Civil Engineersvi
dc.description.abstractHigh-strain dynamic pile testing is an important tool for driveability analysis, but the major objective of dynamic testing is determination of pile capacity at the time of testing. This method is a convenient tool in the pile driving industry. However, though high-strain dynamic pile testing has been used in practice for years, the actual accuracy and the area of application of this method, and also understanding the results of dynamic pile testing are vague. The paper presents discrepancies in high-strain dynamic pile testing, some uncertainty in the CAPWAP signal matching, negligible effects of soil properties on the CAPWAP results, incorrect interpretation and misleading use of testing results. It is shown the necessity to use engineering principles for verification of high-strain dynamic pile
dc.subjectDynamic structural analysisvi
dc.subjectLoad and resistance factor designvi
dc.subjectSoil propertiesvi
dc.subjectSoil dynamicsvi
dc.subjectPile testsvi
dc.subjectUncertainty principlesvi
dc.subjectSoil testsvi
dc.subjectDynamic testsvi
dc.titleSome Uncertainties in High-Strain Dynamic Pile Testingvi
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