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Trường DCGiá trị Ngôn ngữ
dc.contributor.authorMays, Timothy W.-
dc.contributor.authorBlack, Jon M.-
dc.contributor.authorRaymond R., Foltz-
dc.descriptionStructures Congress 2005 April 20-24, 2005 | New York, New York, United States © 2005 American Society of Civil Engineersvi
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a unified approach for designing precast prestressed concrete piling in areas of high seismicity where soil liquefaction and/or loss of lateral support are design considerations. A general procedure for pile design is formulated based on governing codes, accepted practice, and relevant literature. The procedure is in compliance with the International Building Code 2003 (2002), "Recommended Practice for Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Prestressed Concrete Piling" (PCI, 1993), ACI 318-02 (2002), and the PCI Design Handbook (PCI, 2001). Using modified compression field theory, interaction diagrams (φPn vs. φMn) are developed for various solid square precast prestressed concrete piles that are fully braced by adjacent soil. By reducing fully braced nominal moment capacities by P-Δ effects, these curves are also modified to account for practical unbraced lengths resulting from nominal soil support afforded by marine clay and liquefied soil layers. This paper provides a simplified approach for designing precast prestressed concrete piling to include the effects of pile buckling, the development and sample results of interaction diagrams needed for the simplified procedure, an overview of other code requirements for precast prestressed piling in high seismic zones, and a practical application
dc.subjectSeismic designvi
dc.subjectPrecast concretevi
dc.subjectPrestressed concretevi
dc.subjectConcrete pilesvi
dc.subjectSoil liquefactionvi
dc.subjectBuilding designvi
dc.subjectSeismic testsvi
dc.titleA Simplified Design Procedure for Precast Prestressed Concrete Piling in Areas of High Seismicity to Include the Effects of Pile Bucklingvi
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