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Trường DCGiá trị Ngôn ngữ
dc.contributor.authorRamachandran, Jayram-
dc.contributor.authorZhang, Jian-
dc.descriptionApril 20-24, 2005 | New York, New York, United States © 2005 American Society of Civil Engineersvi
dc.description.abstractPile foundations are used widely as supporting elements for buildings and bridges. Their dynamic responses are affected significantly by pile-to-soil and pile-to-pile interactions. While most recent studies have studied the soil nonlinearity and its effect on pile response, the pile shaft is normally assumed to be linear elastic in the analysis. Such assumption is, in many cases, contradicting to the field observations after major earthquakes, where extensive pile damages have been observed in the form of plastic hinges and fractures etc. This paper attempts to study the pile yielding and its effect on kinematic response of pile-soil system under vertically propagated shear waves. Emphasis will be put on quantifying the demand placed on piles during strong shakings. The Beam-On-Nonlinear-Winkler-Foundation (BNWF) model is adopted here to study the response of pile embedded in a homogeneous soil layer. The pile is modeled as nonlinear beam element whose moment-curvature relationship is bilinear. The surrounding soil is modeled as distributive hysteretic springs and frequency-dependent dashpots, whose parameters can be obtained from standard geotechnical parameters. Such simplification enables the pile-soil system to be analyzed using one-dimensional finite element formulation. Both pile head response (displacement and rotation) and bending moment induced in the pile by strong shakings are investigated. The study shows that the pile nonlinearity does not have significant effect on pile head response under most frequencies. However, a number of analyses have ductility demand on the pile greater than the pile capacity, which implies the pile failure as observed in past earthquakes. Such failure will have significant effect on structural response since partial or full capacity of the pile can be lost due to the shaft failure induced by strong shakingsvi
dc.subjectFailure analysisvi
dc.subjectBridge foundationsvi
dc.subjectNonlinear responsevi
dc.subjectSoil analysisvi
dc.subjectShear wavesvi
dc.subjectKinematic wavesvi
dc.titleKinematic Response of Nonlinear Pile under Vertical Shear Wavesvi
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