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Nhan đề: Kinematic Seismic Response of Piles — Importance and Modeling
Tác giả: Irshad, A.
Akhtar, N. K.
Từ khoá: Seismic effects
Soil-pile interaction
Foundation construction
Soil analysis
Parameters (statistics)
Seismic tests
Năm xuất bản: 2006
Tóm tắt: This paper is aimed at highlighting the importance of Kinematic Seismic Response of Piles, a phenomenon often ignored in dynamic analysis. A case study is presented where the end bearing pile is embedded in two layer soil system of highly contrasting stiffnesses; a typical case where kinematic loading plays important role. The pile soil system is modeled as continuous system and as discrete parameter system; both are based on BDWF (Beam on dynamic Winkler Foundation) formulation. For discrete parameter system, a finite element software SAP2000 is used and the modeling technique of kinematic interaction in finite element software is discussed. For pile soil system modeled as continuous system, a general MATLAB code is developed capable of performing elastic site response analysis in two layer soil system, solving differential equation governing kinematic interaction, and giving as output the maximum ground displacement, maximum pile displacement, rotation, moment, and shear distribution along pile length. The code will further be utilized during the course of my PhD research for parametric study and data generation for Artificial Neural Network Application to predict maximum moment and its location along pile length.
Mô tả: GeoCongress 2006 February 26-March 1, 2006 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineers
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