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Trường DCGiá trị Ngôn ngữ
dc.contributor.authorWang, Shin-Tower-
dc.contributor.authorVasquez, Luis Gonzalo-
dc.contributor.authorReese, Lymon C.-
dc.descriptionGeoCongress 2006 February 26-March 1, 2006 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States © 2006 American Society of Civil Engineersvi
dc.description.abstractAnalytical solutions have recently been developed for analyzing the behavior of piles in a group subjected to loading in three-dimensional space. The piles may be installed vertically or on a batter and their heads may be fixed, pinned, or elastically restrained by a rigid pile cap. The several components of the analytical method have been coded and iteration is used to accommodate the nonlinear response of the soil around each pile in a group. With availability of a rational and convenient tool, the engineer may consider several alternatives in a design, including pile spacing, batter angle, and type of pile. This paper presents an example of use of the analytical tool to study the behavior of a large group of pilesvi
dc.subjectThree-dimensional analysisvi
dc.subjectPile groupsvi
dc.subjectAxial loadsvi
dc.subjectLateral loadsvi
dc.subjectDeep foundationsvi
dc.subjectNonlinear analysisvi
dc.subjectElastic analysisvi
dc.subjectSoil analysisvi
dc.subjectLoad factorsvi
dc.titleAnalysis of Large Group of Piles under Axial and Lateral Loadingvi
dc.title.alternative, M.ASCE ; ; and , Hon.M.ASCEvi
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