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Nhan đề: Urban square landscape
Năm xuất bản: 2000
Tóm tắt: Good spaces make an invitation to social uses should be possible to sit down, take a small nest have a good time alone or with others. Whether the seating should be located in the sun or the shade depends on the local climatic conditions. In Scandinavia Bisionen cold and long periods of the year. Here it is important that people may sit and enjoy the sun whenever he is out in other parts of the world, deep shade for cooling down may be more attractive. The use of water may give an attractive freshness in an urban space may be pleasant to experience the sounds of ripping, flowing gushing, dipping gurgling water or water may be completely still, reflects the sky and the large trees overhead. When designing a public space. is important to listen to its history to sense the identity or the place, to understand the needs and desires of the users and to be aware the social and physical context. High quality in design, detailing, choice of materials and construction is a characteristic of a good urban space. Such spaces should be solid, able to stand a punch and they age with dignity.
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Bộ sưu tập: Sách về kiến trúc cảnh quan

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